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    Unanswered: Redirect restore of tablespace

    Hello All,

    My requirement is restore a tablespace from a backup image to another daatabase.

    Eg: DB-1 i have 3 user created tablespace, I need to restore one of the tablespace into another DB say DB-3

    I tried it from my end ..using redirect with below commands.

    db2 "restore db test taken at 20131125152047 into test1 replace existing redirect"
    db2 "set tablespace containers for 3 ignore rollforward container operations using (file '/db2home/db2tad1/te1' 4000)"
    db2 restore db test continue

    But in this if i try with only 1 tablespace otherthan default tablespace it works...
    Suppose it has more than 1 user created tablespace it fails.. with error the Tablespace container is being used..

    Please help me with your suggestions.

    Envoi : Aix, Db2 9.7 Fp5

    - Ananth
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    You restore db test into test1 on the same server. Right? The containers are in use by db test, so test1 can't use the same containers. You need to redefine all non-default tablespaces or use restore with rebuild option if you only want to restore one tablespace.

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