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    Unanswered: creating a blank form and storing the data into a table

    Hi I am working on a document management databse. What I need to do is to take make a blank form, ask the user to fill some details in the subform and then by clicking a button update the same into another table.

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    Im not certain what your question is:
    can access do this: yes
    can you set up your requirements: yes

    first off y'need to design your table(s)
    havign desinged the table(s) then you need to design your forms

    in Access you have at least 2 approaches
    the first is suitable for small application usied on a single computer or upto 15..30 concurrent users is to use what I style "plain vanilla Access"... where you use bound forms and let the form wizard do most of the work for you (interacting with the database retrieving rows, editing and updating and so on

    there the unbound controls Access where you as developer do nearly all the work, leaving the looking pretty bit to Access but you program all the db interaction stuff. this is more suited to large scale applications

    form what you have said so far I'd guess that plain vanilla access is good enough and it will give you a reasonably good applcation in a minimum amount of time
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