This is the code I am using to connect to my sybase database:
Dim DefConn As New SAConnection("UID=" + SQLUser + ";PWD=" + SQLPass + ";ENG=" + Database_Txt.Text + ";LINKS=tcpip(host=" + Server_Txt.Text + ";DoBroadcast=none)")
Dim Executer As New SADataAdapter(SQLStatement_Txt.Text, DefConn)
Dim DataSet As New DataSet
Executer.Fill(DataSet, "1")
Results_DtaGridView.DataSource = DataSet.Tables("1")
ResultsPrivate_DtaGridView.DataSource = DataSet.Tables("1")
This works when i use "select * from table", but for some reason when i try and run commands like "Show tables" or "Describe table "table name", they do not work. Any ideas?