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    Unanswered: Validation Rule

    Help. I need a validation rule where a Horse cannot be added that does not already have a Dam and Sire existing in the database unless either or both are not known. All i have got atm is ([Sire] IsNull) And ([Dam] Is Null) However it wont accept this due to it being in web (HTML) format. I can't force referential integrity either due it being in web format as well.

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    Given those rules the onlg valdation you can do is where the user supplies a stallion or filly and make certain they exist. If they dont then you either
    Reject the change
    Set the offending value to null
    Require furthervuser inervention

    You can (and I'd argue SHOULD) enforce referential integrity checks..... theres stuff all point using a relational db otherwise.
    Both the sire and dam are foreign keys pointing to the same table (presumably called horses). Both columns can be NULL
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    it wont allow me to go into relationships, i am guessing it is due to the table format being html,i would rather enforce RI, do you know a way around this?

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