Good evening everyone,

I'm new here. I have no employment background in computers, but I am ready to start a website database business for a niche market that I have extensive experience in.

I've built some custom data recording and reporting solutions based on MS Excel that work on an individual basis (single-user), but am ready to take my knowledge online and build a database that can be used my many people and organizations. Some of my requirements are as follows:

Mobile Access - This is a big one. I anticipate most users to access the website and enter data through mobile devices (iOS and Android primarily).

Access to GPS data from a phone - The database should be able to store GPS data recorded from a phone and display that data on the website (like a running app shows your running path overlaid on a map on a website).

Customizable graphical reporting of analyzed data - The end user should be able to find trends and patterns in the entered data through reports, including graphs and charts.

I guess what I'm asking is, what would be a well-rounded solution to cover these bases? MySQL and PHP? Microsoft SQL? Something else?

I don't know a lot about which databases play well with mobile device clients.

I appreciate any input as I'd like to start down the right path and not waste time chasing something that will never work elegantly.