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    Unanswered: Sumifs with multiple criteria from same colum

    I have the following sumifs that is an export from a access query. I am required to calculate the total of incidents between a date range and grouping sites so that the client can see sites that are internal and off sites

    QryFireAlarmsImported!B:B = The number of incidents
    QryFireAlarmsImported!D = The date of the Incident
    QryFireAlarmsImported!E10 = 01/11/13
    QryFireAlarmsImported!E11 = 30/11/13


    QryFireAlarmsImported!A:A,{"Regency Hall","West Quad"})

    Is where the problem is I need to be able to add multiple sites that it will look for, currently it is just calculating the first site mentioned and no further sites

    Here is the sumifs as it stands

    =SUMIFS(QryFireAlarmsImported!B:B,QryFireAlarmsImp orted!D,">="&QryFireAlarmsImported!E10,QryFireAlarmsImpor ted!D,"<="&QryFireAlarmsImported!E11,QryFireAlarmsImpor ted!C:C,"FCH",QryFireAlarmsImported!A:A,{"Regency Hall","West Quad"})

    Thank you for your help


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    In your formula, SUMIFS() will return an array of 2 values, one for each value in the array constant. You need to sum them together which you can do by surrounding your formula with SUM(). If you need more info on this then let me know and I'll give you a link.
        ,QryFireAlarmsImporte  d!A:A,{"Regency Hall","West Quad"}))

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    Thank you Colin

    Surround the sumifs with a sum and resolved the problem, much appriciated

    Kind Regards


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    If the data is in access why mess around with excel, why not use the power of sql to do this sort of thing in queries
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