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    Unanswered: killing a Job/SP

    here is my situation: I have a job that executes a SP that updates a column(Image data type). so this job can only run for 2 hiurs and it should be killed because i don't want it to run while the table is been used by the business. how do i automatically kill this job/SP after it has run for 2 hours?

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    Use the kill T-SQL function.

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    but if you have a single transaction running for 2 hours it might take 2 hours to rollback. the better questions would be why is your job running for 2 hours and why would you not care if it completed or was rolled back?
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    Thrasy is right. Identify why it's taking so long, don't just stick your thumb in the dyke, repair the problem properly.

    Consider batching up your updates. Then having a check upon each invocation based on the time and if it exceeds a defined limit, do not proceed with further updates. Obviously you want to ensure that items at the "end" of the batch process get hit next time, rather than just updating the same N batches each run.
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