I am writing a simple database program and using a sdf file created with vb 2010 pro

the following code is supposed to write to the database but I can't get it to any suggestions?

 Dim New_Customer As KCASDataSet.CustomersRow ' sets the veriable to all the colloms of the table
        Dim New_Cust_Id As String
        Number_of_Records = KCASDataSet.Tables("Customers").Rows.Count 'gets the number of rows in the table

        New_Cust_Id = ("0000000") & Number_of_Records 'sets the cust ID with 7 0 before it
        Dim New_Cust_Id_Second As String = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Right(7, New_Cust_Id) ' gets the last 7 digits of the cust Id

        New_Customer = KCASDataSet.Customers.NewCustomersRow() 'is supposed to make it so the veriable will get all data for the row

        New_Customer.Customer_Number = New_Cust_Id_Second
        New_Customer.First_Name = txtb_New_Customer_First_Name.Text
        New_Customer.Last_Name = txtb_New_Customer_Last_Name.Text
        New_Customer.Phone_Number = txtb_New_Customer_Phone_Number.Text
        New_Customer.Cell_Phone_Number = txtb_New_Customer_Cell.Text
        New_Customer.Street_Number = txtb_New_Customer_Street_Number.Text
        New_Customer.Street = txtb_New_Customer_Street.Text
        New_Customer.Town = txtb_New_Customer_Town.Text
        New_Customer.State = txtb_New_Customer_State.Text
        New_Customer.Zip = txtb_New_Customer_Zip.Text

        KCASDataSet.Customers.Rows.Add(New_Customer) 'supposed to add the row to the table


        MsgBox("New Customer added", 0)