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    Unanswered: How to assign a previous record value to a next record in DAO recordset

    I am working on a Loan Amortization using Access 2000 format and have generated a Repayment Schedule. I have some tables, queries and forms already created and attached here.
    I will base my questions on the image attached.
    Now, there are TWO key issues(EXTRA payments and Updating next Record when the fldAmountPaid Not (IsNull or Zero)):
    1. How to assign the value of the fldEndingBalance to be the Value of the fldBeginningBalance through the recordset when Payments are added by clicking on btnAddPayments (NB: without extra payments, this is no issue)
    I have tried implementing a Microsoft Support solution without success and also whenever a payment is added, the code should recalculate through the recordset.
    2. Also when I click on the btnAddPayments, irrespective of the position of the cursor, I want a check on the FieldValue of fldAmountPaid, if the fldAmountPaid is zero or null,then assigns the value from the inputbox else moves to the next record.
    3. How can I change the code such that a member can have multiple past/inactive and one present/active, i.e selecting the memberid load the LoanID box with all their loans, and then default to bringing up the active one instead of only loading the current loan.

    Please find below links to a Microsoft site (issue of previous value in next record) and also another link which discusses the issue of EXTRA payments:
    Link 1:;en-us;210504
    Link 2: Experts Exchange - Your Technology Questions Answered

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    Well one way out of your current problem is that you shouldn't be storing derived data such as a balance, it should be calculated as required, unless there are good reasons for overriding the principles of normalisation.

    so you want to pull up the members most recent loan.
    stylistically I'd want to use a combo box with the member id and name in
    then in that combo's after update event I'd want to fidn the loan for that memebr with an outstanding balance and display that loan

    a lot depends on your busienss rules. if a member can only ever have one active (open) loan then you could find the loan with the most recent date. most of these can be done using the domain function such as dcount, dsum, and probbably most useful dlookup
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