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    Red face Unanswered: Getting "Semaphore Wait" error while executing procedure.

    I am having db2 9.5 database version.

    When we are trying to approve more than 300 records through a procedure we are getting the below error :-

    db2 => call "DB2ADMIN"."PUT_FILE_STATUS" ( 49023, "DB2ADMIN".GET_LKPID('FILE_APPROVED'), 'shr6323', '')
    SQL0723N An error occurred in a triggered SQL statement in trigger
    "DB2ADMIN.TRG_MQ_PUT". Information returned for the error includes SQLCODE
    "-1131", SQLSTATE "38503" and message tokens "-2097151964|*|*|*|*||SEMAPHORE
    WAIT|". SQLSTATE=09000

    Along with above error we found out that in /tmp partition 3 files are getting genrated :-

    -rw-r--r-- 1 db2fenc1 db2fenc1 520941648 Dec 03 14:39 core.20131203.203936.14549126.dmp
    -rw-r--r-- 1 db2fenc1 db2fenc1 59060 Dec 03 14:39 Snap0002.20131203.203936.14549126.trc
    -rw-r--r-- 1 db2fenc1 db2fenc1 126375 Dec 03 14:39 javacore.20131203.203936.14549126.txt

    I am new to db2 db and have searched a lot on this but never got close to this issue. Please somebody help me on this.

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    Thanks for rply .

    I tried dropping and recreating both procedure as well as trigger involved but still facing the same issue .

    I checked ,dont think there is any coding errors.How to Ensure that other application or users will not send termination signals to the db2fmp process by reviewing the activities of all applications that are running on the system and users who are accessing the system.

    Thanks and regards ,

    Thanks & Regards ,
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    as indicated in doc :
    due to sqlcode -1131 (look it up in same infocenter)
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