I am getting this error:

FUNCTION mydatabase.sp_add_new_job_order does not exists

I checked on google and all were talking about spaces causing the problem but I am still unable to identify where is the problem.

Kindly help..

here is my code:

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `sp_add_new_job_order`(IN param_customer_id int, IN param_cleaner_id int, IN param_job_order_date date, IN param_start_time time, IN param_end_time time, IN param_job_order_note text, IN param_is_contract bit, IN param_contract_id int, IN param_total_hours decimal(11,6), IN param_created_user int, OUT param_record_identity int)
DECLARE param_job_order_id int;

INSERT INTO job_orders (customer_id, cleaner_id, job_order_date, start_time, end_time, total_hours, job_order_note, is_contract, contract_id, created_date, created_user) VALUES (param_customer_id, param_cleaner_id, param_job_order_date, param_start_time, param_end_time, param_total_hours, param_job_order_note, param_is_contract, param_contract_id, NOW(), param_created_user);
SET param_job_order_id = LAST_INSERT_ID();
SET param_record_identity = param_job_order_id;

UPDATE customers SET allow_delete = FALSE WHERE customer_id = param_customer_id;

IF (param_is_contract = TRUE) THEN
UPDATE job_orders SET job_order_status = 6 WHERE job_order_id = param_job_order_id;
UPDATE contracts SET remaining_hours = remaining_hours - param_total_hours WHERE contract_id = param_contract_id;
-- add event log;
CALL sp_add_event_log("JOBORDER", param_job_order_id, param_created_user, "Job order was created.");
CALL sp_add_event_log("CUSTOMER", param_customer_id, param_created_user, "Job order was created.");