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    Unanswered: DB2-SMS- Tablespace/File Size growth.

    We are running DB2 with Version 8.x
    I am a oracle dba and having much idea abt DB2.

    Question. We have a tablespace(SMS)
    Tablespace ID = 17
    Type = System managed space
    Contents = Any data
    State = 0x0000
    Detailed explanation:
    Total pages = 16047878
    Useable pages = 16047878
    Used pages = 16047878
    Free pages = Not applicable
    High water mark (pages) = Not applicable
    Page size (bytes) = 8192
    Extent size (pages) = 64
    Prefetch size (pages) = 64
    Number of containers = 5

    Above tablespace contains only one table.
    Number of records in table 8 Million
    Avg row length 608 bytes.

    But the filesize shows 121 GB. ( 5 files with 24GB each).

    Does reorg of the table will actually shrink the operating system files (containers).

    Since we think the table is only about 6.5 gig, it could be that the 122gigs of container size that we see is just 3 years of fragmentation since this table gets loaded and deleted from all the time.

    The only question is will the reorg just make the data contiguous and move the white space to the end and the file size stay the same…..or will it actually make the data contiguous and shrink the file size?

    Pls let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by hipasia View Post
    or will it actually make the data contiguous and shrink the file size?
    Yes. Because it is SMS it will shrink and release the space to the O.S. That is a big difference between SMS and DMS tablespaces.
    Somewhere between " too small" and " too large" lies the size that is just right.
    - Scott Hayes

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