HI to all
I have a question ,
I am in new work who used Database DB2 and use also DB2 content manager to link the photos with the database and use a program called wepsphere which i don't know what's for
I want to understand this solution and how programs linked to each other so if have to setup it again i can
but i don't know how
I made this on simulation
I setup the DB2 server enterprise edition and that's was okay without any problem but when i setup CM manager i failed because it isn't linked to database and it used program called integrator and another one called fix pack which i don't know the useful of them
if any one can simplify this solution to me or give me a hint or link I 'll be so thankful
I am really before asking here do my best no one at my work can ask , also searched on internet and all links refer to IBM website which i was lost in it because it introduce every program as his own not the entire solution or may be i can't reach the correct link

note: I am sorry for any mistake in my English language it is not my mother tongue ^^