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    Unanswered: Solution when a table contains"dynamic definitions"?

    I have a (table) "Service" that has one-to-many relationship to something referred as a "Function".
    Since there exists various types of a "Function", it is not really suitable in one table. Each type of "Function" has different set of attributes and attribute types, where some could be keys to other tables (sub-functions).
    My only solution so far is to create a new table for each "Function"-type and that "Service" holds e.g. 10 different attributes, one for each "Function" table.

    Is there some another way to create only one table "Function", that could manage the varity of function definitions?

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    function, function_type, other_required_info? By the type you would know which sub-function table to go to or would it be another function within this table?

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