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    Unanswered: Data Type Decimal ??

    Hello Everyone,

    I am creating a table on SQL Server. One of the columns in this new table contains whole integer as wells as decimal values (i.e. 4500 0.9876). I currently have this column defined as Decimal(12,4). This adds 4 digits after the decimal point to the whole integers. Is there a data type that will have the decimal point only for decimal values and no decimal point for the whole integers?

    Thank you in advance for any input you have!

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    The storage of data is a database issue, and that needs to be uniform for the entire column. This is a truly "one size MUST fit all" setting.

    The display of the data is another matter. Your client tools can display the data as they see fit.

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    Thank you for the explaination, Pat Phelan!

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