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    Unanswered: Just a quick naming convention question

    I just had a quick general DB question but see no "general" forum so might as well post in the forum of the system I am using at the moment MySQL.

    When naming fields, is it better to name them [TABLE_NAME]_[ATTRIBUTE] or just [ATTRIBUTE].

    E.g. TABLE = Student. Should the name field be simply "Name" or would it be equally as good or better as "Student_Name"?

    I would imagine that "Student_Name" would be clearer in queries but do not know if this is bad practice?

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    theres almost as many naming conventions as there are bacteria in the human intestine.
    |generally I'd suggest find one that works locvally and stick to it.

    whether that used CamelCase or underscores_to_separate words.
    use obvious abbreviations (bear in mind soem SQL db's restrict the number of significant characters. table and column names shoudl be immediately obvious to the reader (not just the developer who made 'em up

    some SQL shops prefer all lower case (avoids problems migrating table design from db to db as some are case sensitive, some aren't)

    generally its good practice to avoid repeating the table name within the column defintions of that table, but good practice if the column is a foreign key

    generally give table names the plural of waht they hold. so for student data use table: students
    table: students

    table Student_Subjects

    no syntactical reason just it looks ugly

    select students.student_id, students.students_forename, students.students_lastname from students
    to my mind looks fugly.. its over fussy
    compared to
    select, students.forename, students.lastname from students
    when you join tables its even worse
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