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    Unanswered: New to Cross Tabs

    I am new to Cross Tabs and am wondering if this is even possible.
    I have an attachment that is what the report is now.
    Just in case this is what I currently have
    Job # Material Description Grp Date Spoiled
    60456 2478 Polyethylene PPE 11/7/13 1000
    60456 2478 Polyethylene PPE 11/7/13 600
    60456 2248 Polyester PE 11/7/13 2000

    What is being requested is to make a new column for each Material

    So it would be like this

    Job # Material Description Date PPE Spoiled PE Spoiled
    60456 2478 Polyethylene 11/7/13 1000
    60456 2478 Polyethylene 11/7/13 600
    60456 2248 Polyester 11/7/13 2000

    There are a lot of possible Grp (Group) and I want it to dynamically add
    or remove columns based on how many groups there are. Hoping
    a Cross Tab could do it.
    If so how? I have not been able to show the grps and other information on
    one row. Any tutorials would be helpful.

    The ones I have found have not explained how to have
    Job #, Material, Description, date on the same
    row with Spoiled and still show all records and all possible GRPs.

    I know I can hard code this by making 13 columns, 1 for each possible
    GRP but that does not allow for adding and deleting a GRP.

    Thanks Andy
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