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    Unanswered: Not able to access type from Java

    I have created 2 types in SQL, but when we query from java it throws error
    java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern
    Type is created outside the package and public synonym is present. While accessing the type we are using the schema owner credentials to establish the connection.

    Could you let me know what the issue could be?

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    >Could you let me know what the issue could be?
    Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.

    I don't know what you have.
    I don't know what you do.
    I don't know what you see.
    It is really, Really, REALLY difficult to fix a problem that can not be seen.
    use COPY & PASTE so we can see what you do & how Oracle responds.
    You can lead some folks to knowledge, but you can not make them think.
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    For most folks, they don't know, what they don't know.
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