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    Unanswered: update many tables, one form

    i have a main form and a subform on it.

    when i change record on main form subform shows related records. and when i want to add a new record at main form, subform comes with an empty record.
    for example, i can add a new record on main form and 5 new records on subform.
    then i want to update 2 other tables according to fields from mainform and subform.
    i wonder
    if it gives error and stops updating other tables,
    after i save the new records on mainform and subform
    can i roll back all the records.

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    if you are using plain vanilla Access then its one form per underlying recordsource (usually on form per table, but if you know what you are doing you can sue a query that has every tables PK in it). if you are using unbound controls in Access then you cna do whatever the heck you want, after all you control the form design, the data, the updates and so on.

    in plain vanilla access you uze sub forms to enter related data into other tables.

    however Ive yet to come across a requirement to update two other tables based on values in a another table. it has the whiff / suggestion of flaky design to me.
    what you coudl do is issue an sql update comamnd as part of the form and subform's afterupdate events to do the dirty deed
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