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    I have some questions about DBAs and Modelers

    I'm a entry level employee for a company that makes database tools and I'm trying to understand more about the day to day operations of DBAs, Database Developers, and Data Modelers/Architects.

    I was hoping I could ask someone knowledgeable a few questions. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out or point me towards someone who could.

    Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Feel free to ask away!

    To give you a "nickel synopsis" mapping data workers to conventional building trades:

    Data Worker              Building Trade
    ----------------------   -----------------------
    Data Modeler/Architect   Architect or Engineer
    Database Developer       Construction Worker
    Database Administrator   Building Superintendant
    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    Thanks Pat!

    I've just got some general questions for anyone who might stumble upon this thread and feels like helping a poor shlub out. Namely:

    In your area of expertise what are the 3 most challenging things you deal with, on a day to day or just in general?

    What people, roles, or divisions are the most rewarding to work with? Who is a pain?

    What are the most annoying things about your job that you have to deal with that you wish you could fix or change?

    I have some more questions but I don't want to bog anybody down. I'd love to get a "day in the life" if anyone is interested.

    Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

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