I need some help with a MySQL (5.6.14) query.

I have a table "blades". This table contains blade server records, including the following columns:

Each enclosure holds 16 blades servers.

I have another table "available_bays". This table contains the following columns:

I need to write a query that will scan through the blades table and for each enclosure that has less than 16 blades, write a row to the available_bays table with enclosure_name and bay_number. The used enclosure bays may not be consecutive. In other words, the servers in enclosure1 may be in bays 1-8, 10, 13-16. So in this example, I would need to end up with the following records in the available_bays table:

enclosure_name bay_number
enclosure01 9
enclosure01 11
enclosure01 12

Also, it would need to insert the record in the available_bays table only if the same enclosure_name and bay_number do not already exit.

Any help on creating this query would be greatly appreciated.