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    Red face Unanswered: DB2 QUERY Performance

    Environment : LiNUX, DB2 9.7

    We are running same query in UAT and PROD .. In UAT it got completed in 3 mins and in prod it's taking 2 hours time.
    Indexes,data in tables are same in both the env's
    We ran REORG and RUNSTATS also on both the env's.

    Can anyone please let me know the cause for this issue and let me know What I need to check it

    Thanks IN ADVANSE

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    have you done explain in both env. ? is it the same ?
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    Yes.. Both are same .. Thanks

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    Then what is the difference between UAT and Prod environments? If the explain is the same, the data, indexes, etc... Then it has to be an environmental issue, such as buffer pool sizes, sort heap, degree of parallelism, etc...

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    Have you compared the the snapshot of each query ( eg, data logical read, rows read )?
    There must be some difference。
    if you could ,you can publish the output of db2batch using the following command:
    db2batch -d <dbname> -o e yes p 5 r 5 -i complete -f xxx.sql
    And the execution plan is also needed ( db2exfmt).

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