Oracle Database Administrator in Harrisburg PA with State Client‏

Position: Senior Database Architect

Work Location: Northwest Office Building, Harrisburg, PA

Duration: 6 months

Agency: State of PA- PLCB(Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board)

Interview Type: Either Go To Meeting Web Cam or In Person interview

Position Id: 345311

Job Description:

The Senior Database Architect is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing infrastructure to provide highly-complex, reliable, and scalable databases to meet the organization’s objectives and requirements. Database Architects are familiar with a variety of the database technologies, concepts, methodologies, practices, and procedures and rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Database Architects are able to perform a variety of complicated tasks with minimal or no direct supervision. They assist in defining system and application architecture and provide vision, problem anticipation, and problem solving ability to organization. They consult with the client to define needs or issues, conduct research, perform studies and surveys to obtain data, and analyze problems to advise on or recommend solutions, utilizing knowledge of theory, principles, or technology of specific discipline or field of specialization.

· 8 plus years of database experience

· 4 year college degree in computer science or related field with advanced study preferred.

· Possesses extensive knowledge of one or more database systems, and is capable of hands-on work in all phases of database design and management.

· Designs, develops, and implements infrastructure to provide highly-complex, reliable, and scalable database to meet the organization's objectives and requirements.

· Analyzes organization's business requirements for database design, and implements changes to database as required.

· Performs systems analysis on database, and resolves performance, capacity, and replication issues as necessary.

· Provides detailed design and specification documentation, including flowcharts, for all aspects of the database.

· Works with database analysts to develop methodologies, report views, queries, and table replications

· Ensures that all the data is in the proper format.

· Participates in the identification, prioritization, and development of technical initiatives and strategies.

· Develops and maintains database standards and naming conventions.

· Keeps up-to-date on emerging database architectures, technologies, and methodologies, and attends training classes as necessary.

· The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board owns and operates 620 liquor stores across the state of Pennsylvania. Last year, the PLCB had liquor sales of approximately $1.9 billion.




Required Experience

Candidate Experience

Last Used

Oracle Database Administration (10g and 11g)


4 Years

Oracle DataGuard


2 Years

Oracle Forms Server Administration


2 Years

Oracle eBusiness Suite


4 Years

Oracle Retai (Merchandizing Operations Management) RMS, REIM, ReSA, SIM, RDW


2 Years

Oracle SOA Suite (BPEL)


2 Years

Oracle Retail Central Office, Back Office


1 Years

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