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    Smile Unanswered: Displaying all records in sub-form

    I have a simple database (using wizards mostly) in which I'm trying to record employer payments to employee pension plans each month. There are multiple tables, but I've only described those applicable to my issue below.

    Three tables, tblEmployees, tblPayments and junction table tblEmpPayments.

    tblEmployees has fields: EmpID, Surname, GivenNames, DOB, EmployerRef.

    tblPayments has fields: PayID, ProcessDate, PaymentPeriod.

    tblEmpPayments has fields: ID, EmpID, PayID.

    I want to create a form / subform into which the user can enter the payments for each employee each month.

    I have tried to set this up using tblEmployees and tblPayments using various relationships (the relational fields have been removed from the first two tables outlined above) but have had no success. The problem is the subform datasheet limits the number of employees. I want it to show all employees so the user can simply tab through every employee record and enter details applicable to each employee for that month.

    In subsequent months, I'd then like the user to be able to enter a new processing date and payment period, and the subform again showing all employee records (preferably with prior period payment already in the field, but this is not a requirement), so the user can then enter new payment details for each employee for that subsequent payment cycle in the subform datasheet.

    The aim, which I'm pretty sure I can work through, is to be able to query the data at any time such that the user can look up or export a data file to match the payment for any month (based on the payment period field).

    Is this something that is doable in Access? I'm having a lot of trouble making it work.

    Many thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

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    sounds like you need to remove any ink fields between the main form and the subform... effectively that makes the subform another unrelated form within the main form... cant see why you'd want to do that though
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    Thanks Healdem, I tried doing it that way too but as you say, not much use if the records don't relate. May as well use a spreadsheet, which hasn't the functionality I'm hoping to provide. I appreciate you thinking about this for me.

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