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    Unanswered: Load Method Change

    Application team is been using a flat file on informatica server but now as per their requirements they would like to use table in db2. Every day they will load a new set of data with today’s and delete the earliest dates to yield a rolling 8 days of data.

    Now I think as this is on going task, if I grant a user (app id) index privileges on this new table (IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Information Center), user can then drop the index, delete the early date data, load the new date data, then reapply the index.

    Is there a better way to approach this issue. I just need some more suggestions.
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    There are several ways to do this, few questions before determining the best one. How much data are you loading and deleting each day? What percent of the table is changing? Is your database set up for archive logging? Are you actually using the "load utility" or are you just doing inserts or maybe even an import? Is this table in its own tablespace?

    One of the things I have seen is lots of time wasted rebuilding an index when only a small percentage of the data is changing.

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    have you looked at range partitioning? and the benefits available to you

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