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    Arrow Unanswered: Error connecting to Informix DB via embedded C : Getting Bus error


    Im trying to compile embedded C code. But it is throwing BUS erro when I execute the exe..

    $database heldord;

    Here heldord is my database name.

    Below is from dbx log..

    (dbx) trace envptr
    Events that require automatic single-stepping will not work properly with multiple threads.
    See also `help event specification'.
    (2) trace envptr
    (dbx) trace lod
    (3) trace lod
    (dbx) trace db_name
    (4) trace db_name
    (dbx) run
    Running: cwotsysmenu
    (process id 26582)
    initially (at line "":47): db_name = ""
    initially (at line "":47): lod = ""
    initially (at line "":47): envptr = (nil)
    after line "":47: envptr = 0xffffffff7ffffe0a "/appl/cwots"
    after line "getlogin.c":16: lod = "vm157f"
    after line "":64: envptr = 0xffffffff7ffff945 "heldord"
    after line "":68: db_name = "heldord"
    signal BUS (invalid address alignment) in elf_rtbndr at 0xffffffff7f2055f8
    0xffffffff7f2055f8: elf_rtbndr+0x002c: jmp %g1
    Current function is main
    70 $database $db_name;

    Kindly help on this..

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    before using the debugger,

    0) is this the first program you try to compile on this machine, or have you run other programs of the same type successfully ?
    1) have you checked successfully your connection to the db server?
    2) can we see some more of your code?
    the db_name variable looks to be empty and the engine won't like this...
    3) which versions of CSDK and IDS are you using ?

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    Nope. I compiled many programs along with this. This is the only program giving problem. Below are the version details..

    IDS : 1150FC4

    $ which esql
    $ file /dbase/informix/1150FC4.SUNOS10/bin/esql
    /dbase/informix/1150FC4.SUNOS10/bin/esql: executable shell script

    $ /dbase/informix/1150FC4.SUNOS10/bin/esql -V
    IBM Informix CSDK Version 3.50, IBM Informix-ESQL Version 3.50.FC4
    Software Serial Number AAA#B000000

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