Job Title: Oracle Administrator
Location: De Forest, Wisconsin
Duration: 6-12+ Months Contact

Job Description: Linux/Oracle Database/ Performance Testing SME:? Define detailed test parameters, including both functional and non-functional testing? Design the Test Strategy and Test Plans for Performance Benchmarking? Develop & Execute Performance Benchmarking test cases, document test results, track and report defects.? Provide test reports and maintain test results & test logs.? Create scripts if required within the boundaries of the tool set as applicable for automation? Will require to be deeply versed in Oracle, testing, and good to have Benchmark Factory knowledge.

Skill and Experience Details:

-->Database Admin(L1)-Entry level position. Works under close supervision to perform low-level database management tasks such as adding users, managing space etc. Participates in testing back-ups, ensuring maximum up-time and maximum performance of database. Familiarity with basic administrative commands is expected at this level. Front-line interaction with users to assist with low level trouble-shooting requirements.

-->Database Admin(L3)-Independently performs database management tasks such as controlling access permissions and privileges. Responsible for ensuring that storage, archiving, backup and recovery procedures are functioning correctly. Writes database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary. Train users on database methodologies. Responsible for refining the 'logical design' so that it can be translated into a specific data model and further refining the 'physical design' to meet system storage requirements. Plan data flows for a new or revised database. Guide new team members.

-->Database Consulting(L3)-Domain Skills: Database concepts Relational Database Concepts Normalization Entity and relationships Database administration activities Conversant with DBMS Packages Backup and Recovery Patching & Cloning Trouble shooting Backup Ability to design logical and Physical models of Database layouts and Schema. Performance Tuning Migration Techniques Knowledge on Replication Server HA Implementation Licensing Backup & Recovery

Oracle Admin(L2)-Understand New Features in 10G. Generate Explain Plan, Interpreting TKPROF Output. Interpret Stat spack report. Familiar with init.ora parameters Create, Rename a database Partition Tables and Indexes Move databases between servers, plan and size databases. Re-org of Database. Refresh Database using cold backup, Hot Backup & Export/import. Maintain Standby database. Manage Oracle Streams. Troubleshoot CPU Load and resolve it. Generate Statistics for the tables, Partitioned tables, Sub partitioned Tables & troubleshoot issues related to Statistics. Troubleshoot issues like Database hanging, issues with undotable spaces, segments. Be able to Tune SQL, SGA. Perform Hot backup, Cold Backup. Export, Import Recover under Various Scenario us (like recovery a corrupted database when the db runs in archive log mode, Recovery a tables data when a user accidently drops it, etc).

-->Performance Optimization and Tuning(L2)-1) Should be aware of best practices for optimizing sql server Stored procedures