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Thread: Planning Stage

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    Planning Stage

    I'm building a database with a front end for a charity, I have knowledge in PHP, VB.Net, MySQL and can use access. The old database is build in access with about 20 fields in one table, client details and clients shopping history and all in one table. I will have to stick to this format.
    My question is what would be the best way to deliver this application, I've started with an idea which is build a vb application connected to access but I wanted to use php really but this is where I get confused. How do I host an internal database? would I have to use a tool like WAMP to host a local server internal, my question is would admin who be inputting the data have to turn on the wamp every day to use the application? sorry for the newbie questions.

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    I will have to stick to this format.
    in which case tell the charity to invest in an A4 ledger book and store everything in that, or if they prefer somethign more contemporaneous with their operations knowledge a huge chunk of granite and a hammer & chisel, or perhaps they a re more used to a rock and finger painting

    there is never a good reason to implement bad design unless there is a legacy system. in this case there is absolutely no reason not to do this properly.

    make certain you use the right tools for the charity, not the right tools for you, what matters is that whatever is done is done for the right reasons, their reasons not yours. bear in mind if you develop something that is useful it may be with them for a long period and long after you have moved on.

    doe sit need to be multi user
    does it need to run over a network, if so what type of network, intrannet, LAN, WAN, VPN
    thing carefully abotu security implications. does this app have anything that is sensitive. I don't know where you come from but you may have implications with what ever goes for the Data Protection Act in your country

    ano9ther thing to bear in miund is medioum term support. its going to be easier to find support for say an Access problem than it is for a PHP/MySQL and Apache problem. It may be easier to find smeoine with VB expertese, but easier VBA.

    wherever the data will be hosted must be available when the users need it. you can run a clientr server db such as MySQL on any Computer visible to the network. if you go down the WAMP route then install the db server and Apache on the same machine, and make certain that machine is always on when people need to use it. if you install yuse the XAMPP installer then both Apache and the db server will be installed a services that will start when then computer holding 'em them starts

    best way to deliver this application use the same front end tool as they currently use.
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