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    Unanswered: Enterprise Manager - Preferred Credentials

    Oracle Version:
    OS: Windows 7

    Product: Enterprise Manager v12.

    I have successfully created an ORACLE Tablespace, database and users with SQL Developer.
    I have created a repository and have RMAN do a complete backup.

    I can use Enterprise Manager to view everything (even my backups).

    But when I use EM: Availability --> Backup & Recovery --> Schedule Backup

    Under Host Credentials, it says "Default preferred credentials are not set."

    If I try to proceed further, "Validation Error ... Default preferred credentials are not set."

    I have tried googling and have been pointed to "EMCLI" and Enterprise manager's "Security --> Preferred Credentials"
    but have had no luck defining anything.

    Using EM, I see a lot of targets including "Database Instance"', "Oracle Home" ... but can't seem to edit them.

    Any ideas?


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    Thanks for the link. I've been through hundreds of these and it finally became clear what the stumbling block was.

    In Enterprise Manager I had been dealing with Normal/SYSDBA database Credentials.

    For the Backup s/w they referred to "Database Host Credentials".

    I now know that that has nothing to do with the ORACLE DB, but with the host system.

    All is OK now.

    Thanks again,

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