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    Unanswered: Issue while creating Procedure


    I am creating similar kind of test server from production without data.
    I took complete DDL with the help of db2look ( options -a -e -x -l ).
    But when I am executing DDL ( db2 -tvf db2look.ddl) in test server I am finding issue with procedure means few procedures are unable to create.
    I know for procedure we have to change END deliminator with @ and we need to run that file like db2 -td@ -vf proc1.sql.

    But total number of procedures are 400 in which 380 procedures are created with db2-tvf and for remaining 20, I identified failed proc and copy it to another file. Manually I edited the file and put @ after set current schema, set current path, and after each procedure's final END.

    I took look with with option -td '@' and rerun it on test server but it did not helped me.

    I know I can create remaining 20 proc with manual editing but I WANT TO KNOW is there any direct way by which I can get procs DDL in the way which will be executed once without any error ?

    I have to repeat this task in many servers so I want to avoid manual work.

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    Can you copy the error here ...?

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    while executing db2look - you can change the delimiter
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