I am building a personality quiz system which is not a normal quiz system as the logic is different between them. The solution is not really 1+2 = 3 kind of type.

For example, the question might be "What kind of person you are?".

Based on some responses chosen(multiple choice or/and single choice questions), the result can be like "you are a good worker", "you like to spend too much money", "you are a loving person" etc.

My Design:

I have created a sample schema which contains 4 tables. For a quiz, if the user has chosen more answers with a value of 1, the corresponding value from "results" table will be the output.

This solution does not suit well for multiple choice questions.

Fiddle: SQL Fiddle

How can the schema be changed for better tracking and calculation of points? Which way will be efficient and easy to handle in PHP?

If you would like to have a look on a live site of such quiz, here is the link.

Quiz - What Female Actress Are You? - YouThink.com