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    Unanswered: Populate a field by concatenating primary

    Assume a table with
    - Primary key field (Integer, pk, NN, AutoInc), let's call it recnbr
    - A char(6) field, let's call it CustId
    I want on insert/record creation to automatically populate CustId by concatenating the letter 'c' and the pk value like this:
    recnbr CustId
    1 -----> c1
    2 -----> c2
    3 -----> c3
    265 ---> c265
    266 ---> c266
    I tried a trigger, but seems can't use an Update with After Insert. Is there a way to achieve the above? Thanks.

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    Why would you
    By doing so you either duplicate data or loose the primary key. Neither ofwhich is a smart call
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