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    Design question: Use partition tables or 1 wide table with indecies?

    I am working on a report DB schema and, as I am not a DBA (a backend Java developer) this is a bit outside my knowledge zone.

    I need to be able to fetch records frequently by date; fixed date ranges too (Like, Q4, 2012, etc.) It had occurred to me that I could keep the the query times way down by creating new tables on the fly as moves on and essentially naming them by YYYY_MM -- that sharding certainly reduces the size of a given table.

    Then it occurred to me: This is the logical equivalent of creating a inverse index on a particular column ("2012_03" --> records{3,9,123,431...}) so why not just add extra columns to a single table, making it wider, to account for the fields you need. Then you can easily do things like: compare Q4 this year to Q4 last year simply by
    "select * from XXX where quarter = 4 and year in (2012,2013)"
    it also makes counting occurrences easier.

    If I partition this data into tables then putting it all back together becomes painful.

    Hoping for a discussion on both approaches.

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    No sharding.
    Just keep it all in one table, properly indexed.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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