This is my first posting to this forum. If this is not the correct place to post, I apologize and hope someone might simply redirect me.

I am starting a new project involving developing the logical data model for an existing customer. I have decent modeling skills. What I don't know I can learn.

What I am most curious about is whether there are good resources (books, etc.) that provide guidance for working with non-technical subject matter experts (SMEs) for the purposes of developing data models from scratch. These would be very knowledgeable SMEs, but I would need some better skills myself for planning working sessions, asking the right questions the right way, and assembling the artifacts via this interactive approach. The goal would be to have a number of working sessions with multiple SMEs over a period of perhaps weeks to months, the culmination being the appropriate artifacts (conceptual model, logical model, data dictionary, etc.) that reflects the needs and requirements of the users.

I have a great deal of experience working with SMEs to develop use cases, but I have read that a functional approach (as with use cases) is not appropriate for developing data models.

In any event, sorry for the long post. I would be grateful for any response. Thank you.