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    Unanswered: Stopping Row Selection Automatic Highlighting

    After a several month hiatus from Brilliant Database, my activity with this program has just recently restarted because of the rave reviews that I am reading since V10.5 has been released.

    My project involves tracking all of an organization's training activities. One of the functions in my project is to see a list of all personnel that have met all training requirements for a particular position. Along with this, I included functionality that identifies all other personnel that meet all the training requirements for that position but are not currently assigned that position - these individuals are color-coded light blue. All of this works very well except that the when the report runs, the first row of the output is highlighted and the user cannot tell if the person was 'assigned and qualified' or 'not assigned but qualified' (see first screen shot). Of the five people listed in the output, the last person appears in light blue so their status is known... but what about the first person?

    I realize that all the user has to do is click on the next row IF there are at least two people that appear on the output but sometimes there is only a single person and the user cannot determine the true training status of that person.

    In looking at the 'Table Style Editor' on the second screen shot, I suspect that I should be able to select 'Hide selection for columns with color rules' under the 'Selection' region. This action does nothing from what I can see. Does anyone have any idea how I can make the selected row of the results NOT appear dark as this hides the color-coding I have added.
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    I've never used that function before, so I've just tried it in v10.5 and v9.42. Seems you found an old bug. That function doesn't seem to work at all even in v9.42


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