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    Unanswered: Ver 9.42 : Calendars

    Im not sure if Im doing something wrong, or if this is a bug in the program.

    I am running a dispatch program with V9.42. I fill in a form, then have the calls listed in list view, I also view them in calendar view which makes for easy visual way to see whats been done and whats coming up in the next few days.

    I have a separate form which I use to keep track of my drivers days off, which I also display in calendar view.

    What happens is when I view the drivers calendar and then go back to the Dispatch calendar view, it will only display the drivers calendars regardless of what calendar I choose.

    Only way to reset it is exit the program and restart.

    Any ideas on how to make it work.



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    Hi Dan,

    Can you post your file, so that we can help solve the problem.


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