Hi, I would like to ask the Experts on this thread for some help in verifying whether or now my Replicated MQT is indeed functioning. We are currently operating on Sun Solaris LUW 9.7. I've created the MQT successfully, refreshed successfully and collected statistics. Within the SYSCAT.TABLES catalog I see an entry with type 'T', however when I browse SYSCAT.DATAPARTITIONS I only see an entry in the ADMIN node. I was expecting to see it in the other DPF nodes as well.

Additionally I know replicated tables can be referenced directly in a query BUT u cannot use the DBPARTITIONNUM scalar function to see the table data on a particular database partition.

So basically:

Q1. How do I verify it’s indeed been replicated on all data partitions?
Q2. How do I verify the row count is identical on each data partition?