Morning All Happy New Year

I am using the browseto command to navigate to forms instead of launching the forms and having them popup, but I am having problems controlling the subforms.

I have a Navigational form called Main a subform on a navigational tab called ReportCenter and within reportcenter from I have a control called sfrReportPage which holds the forms which is navigated to


DoCmd.BrowseTo ObjectType:=acBrowseToForm, _
ObjectName:="IncReport", _
PathToSubformControl:="Main.NavigationSubform>Repo rtCenter.sfrReportPage", _
WhereCondition:="*", _

This all works and will navigate to the desired form when changing the object name.

From the ReportCenter form I can control the height size of sfrReportPage by using Form!sfrReportPage.Height = 13000

For an incident report the height is set to 13000 because all the space is required but for a lockout the height is only required to be Form!sfrReportPage.Height = 3500 which all works from reportcenter form.

The problem is that I have a command button form within the form Increport which saves the data inputted then browses back the a default form when clicked
DoCmd.BrowseTo ObjectType:=acBrowseToForm, _
ObjectName:="DefaultRptpage", _
PathToSubformControl:="Main.NavigationSubform>Repo rtCenter.sfrReportPage", _
WhereCondition:="*", _

when navigating back from the when the height has been set to the size for the lockout 3500 I cannot find a way to store the default size of sfrReportPage to 13000

I have tried

forms!main!reportcenter.sfrreportpage.height = 13000

And many different variations but I receive an error that it cannot recognize the form. Only forms!main seems to be an option any subform it does not recognised

Any help would be appreciated