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    Question another n00b needs advice (me! help!)

    This forum is great, I have been reading through many many posts asking what a database is or how/which to use, etc. Yall are very helpful. Yet, I have not found anything that I understand to address my basic need.

    I am doing something unscalable, because it is all I know to do, and I need to stop and get my act together. I am currently making a spreadsheet on google docs for a tech startup. Small now, but realistically bigger later. We need a few people to be able to see this info across several locations. Here is an image of the spreadsheet:
    Each row is just a bit of info, names, dates, as well as pictures & links. The different colors are for different clients, and currently we are putting all the clients all in the one spreadsheet <--which is a bad idea. Google docs is linking to the pictures being hosted externally and it is slooooow. Intermediate step is to make each client their own gDoc spreadsheet, but that is just forstalling.

    Are there databases solutions for my particular need? Do you have any advice for what I should do? I am confused by all there is to learn, and how little I am able to discern!
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    Spreadsheets are bad at storing original data, they are worse storing shared data.
    If you need tio share stuff accross several locations then either use a vpn or adequately secured internet.
    Where you att present is, i guess, budget limited so id probably suggest a well crafted secure section of you public internet presence.
    Probably using a scripting language PHP, Perl, Ruby taking to SQL backend (could be a server such as MySQL Postgres or similar, or coukd be a file server db such as SQLite or Access/Jet.

    But be very very wary about using a public network. Think security at all times
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    I would suggest using a CMS (Content Management System) for this kind of job. If you currently have a web site, you can probably host it there, although I'm not sure what your IT department would charge you to do that. If you don't have a web site or an IT department to help you, you can use any of the commercial resellers.

    As healdem pointed out, you need to keep security first and foremost in your mind. Using any public provider for your business data tends to very quickly make your data public knowledge! The paid versions of Microsoft Office and Google Docs are better for security than the "free" versions, but only by degree and are not truly secure to me.

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