My company just made the switch to Excel 2013 and much to my chagrine, Microsoft has done away with the ability to have multiple workbooks open in the same instance of Excel.

I need to create a macro to resize the Excel Window to take up either the top half or the bottom half of the screen. I tried modifying the macro I used before for windows 2003-2007 but it does not work because it is figuring the ribbon and scroll bars out of the available space. Is there anything I can use besides Application.UsuableHeight and width to determine how big to resize the windows?

Here's the macro I used for 2003-2007 to resize for the top half of excel (and I used a similar to resize for the bottom half).

Sub TopHalf()
' Upper Macro
' 1/26/2011 by Joshua
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+u
With ActiveWindow
.WindowState = xlNormal
.Height = (Application.UsableHeight) / 2
.Width = Application.UsableWidth
.Left = 0
.Top = 0
End With

End Sub
Thank you Excel for the only improvements since 2003, Sumifs, Countifs and the Quick Access Toolbar