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    Unanswered: Syntax error When transferring records with checkbox filter

    For the life of me I can't figure this out

    I'm trying to transfer records from a table in one subform to another subform (on same form) using a checkbox as a filter:

    Private Sub TransferAndReview_Click()
    Dim db As dao.Database
    Dim strSQL As String

    strSQL = "INSERT INTO Forms![Extra Work Report Checksheet]![Equipment Input Subform1].Form[(QuantityUsed[, HoursUsed])] VALUES (QuantityUsed[, HoursUsed]) FROM Forms![Extra Work Report Checksheet]![Equipment Checksheet Table Subform] WHERE [Extra Work Report Checksheet]![Equipment Input Subform1].Form[EquipmentUsed]=True;"

    Set db = CurrentDb
    db.Execute strSQL, dbFailOnError

    End Sub

    The Main form is: [Extra Work Report Checksheet]

    Subforms are: [Equipment Input Subform1] & [Equipment Checksheet Table Subform]

    Checkbox field is: [EquipmentUsed]

    I keep getting the error "Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement" which points to 'db.Execute strSQL, dbFailOnError' and I don't understand why. Neither of the fields [QuanityUsed] or [HoursUsed] are lookup fields, etc. Could someone please help out.

    Thank you

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    insert into, unsurprisingly inserts the following values into a specific table or view it doens't insert them into a form

    you can push values from a form to another form using
    forms!destinationformname!destinationcontrolname.v alue = sourcecontrolname.value
    or you can pull values from a form to another form using
    destinationformname!destinationcontrolname.value = forms!sourceformname!sourcecontrolname.value

    if youwant to use an insert query to add values to another table then do so, but afterwards force a refresh of the other forms data

    another approach would be to add a new record to the other form, then add the value from this form, then update the other form.
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