Hi Guys

I thought asking this question here and maybe one of the MOD's will forward it to the right place. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Ok here we go ...

My friend recently opened a Tyre & Garage , where he will be selling & mounting Summer tires + winter tires as well Summer&Winter tires (2 in 1)

He got no cashier and currently using double sided paper for customers.
Never the less I know a bit of Database and thought if I can create an Inventory Database that keeps track of Stock as well then automatically deducts amount - for every sale it has been generated.

I think it might need 2 or possibly 3 tables (correct me if I am wrong)
Stock table + Sales table + not_sure_what_other_table

Anyway ... this is what it should work / do:

- input & record all tires (winter + summer and sum&win tires)
- produce a receipt for every sale and also record all sales (date,amount etc)

In a sense, I kind of have a picture of what to do but NOT CERTAIN.
Would be great if you can guide me and give me some ideas or hints to this

Much appreciated