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    Unanswered: Opening files from drop down menu


    I'm new at databases, and testing few things out.

    I have a table that has:
    Category | FileName | Source Path

    I"m trying to build combo box to display filenames in that db and open on select. Maybe even two combo boxes to select category, then have list of FileNames based on that select and also open files on select.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    what information is in these files
    how do you expect to display that

    Id start off by having two linked combo boxes (so called cascading combo boxes)
    first combo contains categories
    second contains file names

    untill a user selects a category in the fiRst combo then the second is blank.

    You can modify that to allow all or a specific category, but for now Id suggest getting to grips with cascading combo boxes.
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