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    Unanswered: MS Access database slice/split/break problem !!!!!!

    Hi Guys,

    This is my first post ever in the group.

    i have aproblem. i am new to databases. I have started to work on MS access databases.

    I have 2 DBs in access. both are around 2 GB in size. I need to upload/transfer/mail them. I can do this if and only if I have amechanism to break it into parts and then transfer and then rejoin at the destination after downloading them.

    Is this mechanism possible????

    Thanks for all your help.

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    first off
    take a back up of both
    then use compact and repair on both COPIES (leave your working db well alone)
    see how much space you recover
    check the database works
    check all data is there
    ..if that fails then create a new DB and import objects from the old db

    Access has a hard limit of around 2Gb. newer versions may exceed that (by newere post 2010.

    having compacted the data work out what size it is now
    if its still multi Gb then consider copying the files to a suitable DVD writer. DVD capacity ranges from 1.4Gb to 8.15Gb, although you wil lbe better off sticking to standard DVD, around 4.3gb. keeping it standard means the DVD should be easier to to read at the other end

    failing that some compression programs such as winzip allow you to compress a file into Zip chunks
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