I am making a database for storing different company job tracking each month.
there are 2 parts. 1st part is where user input the information, which I have no problem. A employee can only works on 1 company, job, and program.
1. Company (dropdown)
2. Job (dropdown)
3. Employee (dropdown)
4. Program (dropdown)
5. Income (field)
6. Expense (field)
... others (fields)

2nd part is where user able to edit the information they previously enter, which I have no idea how to populate the information back the same field. I am able to do build a query form to allow users to edit, but I want a more user friendly form. How do I do this?

what I want.
After I select the company, job, employee, and program from the drop down, the income, expenses, and other related fields will populate back in the field.



-employee name
-employee address