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    Unanswered: Hosting a database

    Hi wonder if someone could enlighten me.
    Do you have to use sharepoint to publish and view a database on the web or just a normal windows server. Sorry not quite clear.

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    The answer is the ever popular "It depends". The MS-Access crew may know about options that I don't, but I'm pretty sure that this boils down to:

    If your target audience is a workgroup or department that has MS-Access or at least a Runtime installed on every machine, and you design your Access database as a Front-End/Back-End database, then you can use any Windows machine with a file share to host the Back-End. This will make the data available to your group.

    If your target audience is larger and you don't have full control of every desktop (or if some will be using non-Microsoft phones/tablets/workstations), then you need to use SharePoint to publish your MS-Access database on the SharePoint web site.

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    Ah Ok thanks very much thats a bit more clearer, so if I wanted to create my own system and share it with anyone else it would be Sharepoint.

    What about a windows host that uses asp.?
    I have a lynux host at the moment but don't think i can use that for any windows things.

    Thanks again anyway for enlightening me.

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