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    Dear Members, I want to Autofill one of the field in my form, by checking specific conditions in my database. Example of which is as below:

    1. Date of Maintenance :
    2. Loom No. :
    3. Component Replaced :
    4. Component Type :
    5. Latest date for same component replacement :

    I want to autofill the Sr. No. 5 in the form itself by checking database, and if Sr. No.2=Sr No.3=Sr. 4, then latest date should be autofill in Sr. No. 5

    Say, A component was replaced in a Loom on 01/01/2013 & again after six month same component is replaced on 01/06/2013 so while filling up the form, In sr. no. 5 latest date 01/01/2013 of replacement of same component in same loom should be pulled from data base.

    Pl. help me...

    Thanks in advance

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    so get the current maximum value (use the domain function DMax
    if it cannot find a row that matches it will return null

    so the next Servicer number is:-
    = nz(dmax("myvariable", "mytable", "myCriteria = " & avalue),0)+1
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