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    Unanswered: Moving data

    Hi all,

    I am quite confused in moving data among tables, can u pls brief how to load data in another table if source table contain column with type 'Generated as Identity'.


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    If only the source table has the generated as identity property, no problem.

    If the destination table has the generated as identity by default property, just insert the data that you want and pray that there are no collisions with existing data. Always do a SELECT before you try the INSERT just to avoid problems.

    If the destination table has the generated always as identity property, then I don't know of a way to work around that. Maybe someone else can help with that.

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    for import and load you can specify modified by .. generatedignore....and others
    or alter table ... generated ...use load/import and reset
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    Thanks all

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    Generated columns are often used as PK and therefore used as FK's in other tables. Therefore I propagate the "modified by identityoverride" syntax in the load. But be ware: DB2 will reject this syntax when the table does not contain any generated columns (yes, very annoying) so check here syscat.colidentattributes first to see if your schema/table has a match.
    And do not forget:
    nwvalue=$(db2 -x "select digits(max(${col}) + 1) as nwvalue from  ${schema}.${tbl}")
    db2 -v "alter table ${schema}.${tbl} alter column ${col} restart with ${nwvalue}"
    afterwards for each column you find there.
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    LOAD FROM <filename> OF del modified by identityoverride insert INTO <tablename> NONRECOVERABLE"
    after this may be your table will be in check pending state. So you have to run
    db2 "set integrity for <tabname> immediate checked"

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