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    Unanswered: Select Statement With Table Constraints

    I am trying to select with some specific conditions but cannot seem to get what I am wanting.

    Table Person
    person_id | first_name | last_name | prim_parent_id | sec_parent_id

    Table Service
    service_id | person_id | start_time | end_time | service_type_id

    Table Service_Types
    type_id | description

    Table Service_User
    service_id | start_time | end_Time | user_id

    The goal is to get all of the person_id's that meet any of the following criteria:

    Last Name Like 'Mar%'
    Service Type Like 'Fusions%'
    Service Type Like 'New%' And User_Id = 'Bob'
    And Start_Time On Or After 2009-01-01

    Here is the statement thus far: SELECT DISTINCT person_id FROM person P,service S, service_types ST, service_user SU WHERE P.person_id = S.person_id AND S.service_id = SU.service_id AND ST.type_id = S.service_type_id AND ((P.last_name LIKE 'Mar%' OR ST.description LIKE 'Fusions%') OR (ST.description LIKE 'New%' AND SU.user_id = 'Bob' AND start_time >= '2009-01-01'))

    I have the statement working for the above criteria but now i need to also select the rows that match the prim_parent_id and sec_parent_id from the above results.

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    What is your question?

    I'd approach the syntax differently, but what you've got appears to be syntactically correct.

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    How could I select the rows in the same table that correspond with the prim_parent_id and sec_parent_id from the results of the provided statement?

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