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    Unanswered: MS Access FE_ & BE_ db on a FTP site

    I have a MS Access database split in frond end and back end, and i want to place the back end on a FTP site for better performance.
    Is this possible and does this improve the performance.

    Any other info and suggestions are welcome.

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    backend on a FTP site.....
    ..thats a new one on me

    I woudl expect that to the the worst of all worlds
    not knowing what the application is (is it a local app, a web app, a newtworked app) its hard to say.

    There's carious thigns you can do to improve performance in Access, although most of the need to improive perfromance coems when youhave more than 15..30 users or you are trying to run an Access front end talking to an Access back end on a remote server.

    switching to a server back end PROVIDING YOUR APPLICATION IS DESIGNED FOR A SERVER is a smart call. that means doing as much of the processing / filtering on hte server and reduce the amount of data going up and down the network. designing for a server means retrieving only the data you actually need, it measn using unbound / disconnected recordsets, it menas playing to the strengths of the server. sadly it also means tht you loose most of the easy to use functionality of Access in form and report design
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    I have a shared directory i suppose that the best solution.

    Thanks for the info.

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